The University of Scouting is a one-day supplemental training opportunity for all adult volunteer Scouters. Supplemental training goes beyond Fast Start, Specific, and Advanced Training to give Scouters knowledge & skills on specific topics to help them deliver the promise of scouting to their youth. 

The goal is to offer additional classes that help you as a leader now instead of you finding out the information years later. The quicker you know the faster you can apply the knowledge to your units.

All Adult Volunteers should attend this event. The event includes classes for all Cub, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Exploring adult volunteers at all levels in Scouting.

You will take specialized classes towards earning either a Bachelors / Masters/ or Doctorate Degrees from the School of Cub/Boy Scouting/ Venturing/ or Exploring. To earn each degree you must complete a total of 6 credit hours with a minimum of 4 credit hours being from your Core Program (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Exploring) and 2 credit hours from electives of your choice. However, all 6 credit hours may be from your Core Program.


For more details for upcoming courses and registration, visit the Middle Tenneessee Council's University of Scouting page.