2021 National Jamboree

nsj21 logo 300x300Every four years, the Middle Tennessee Council puts together Jamboree Contingent Troops to attend the National Jamboree.  Each contingent is comprised of 32 to 36 yourth and 4 to 8 adult leaders.  This year's contingents will consist of youth from male Troops, female Troops, and Venturing crews.  Space is limited so sign up now!
New this year, a Troop can secure a patrol of 8 youth and 2 adults.  These patrols will join other patrols to form a contingent Troop.  If your Troop is interested in sending 8 youth together, this will ensure they are together with their friends.
By clicking here you can find out more information on how to register.  Please contact our National Jamboree Staff Advisor, Vance Lackey, at vlackey@mtcbsa.org or 615-383-9724 if you have additional questions.