2009 Spaghetti Luncheon at Travecca Towers

As we look upon the holiday seasons, we see joy all around. We look forward to giving and receiving gifts of all types, and of spending time with family. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and anticipation of it all. Many times, we tend to forget about those who are alone or have little or no family at all to spend the holidays with. Often, the elderly and infirmed are shuffled to the back of our consciousness, forgotten yet again.

On Saturday, December 19th,as an act of service and compassion to our aging community, Troop 4 and members of The Donelson Fellowship Youth group have continued upon a tradition started several years ago by Cub Scout Pack 209. Each year we take an afternoon to serve the residents of Trevecca Towers a Spaghetti lunch with all of the fixings; including salad, breadsticks, several types of desserts, and drinks. This has become a rewarding time for residents, some of whom look forward to our visit and seeing how many of our scouts have grown over the year. It gives us a rare opportunity to fellowship and spend with the residents of Trevecca.

This event is designed to remind our elderly neighbors that they have not been forgotten during the chaos that is the holiday season. Serving at the Towers is also a benefit to all of the volunteers that come to serve. As we sit with the residents and share stories and memories, we find that we can learn so much from those who have lived rich and full lives. So, as you go about your holiday merriment and into the newness of 2010, remember how blessed and fortunate you are. Then, consider those older members of our community that may be alone. Think of what you may be able to do to improve their lives in some small way. After all we are Scouts, and that’s what we do!

John Walker, Troop Chaplain


Shandie Robertson, the Trevecca Towers Service Coordinator Director thanks Troop 4 for the wonderful job we did serving lunch:

"I’m so glad it went well! I apologize that your crowd was rather small. Tower Two is a smaller building and tends to have a younger crowd that work….but we had about 40 signed up, so I hope some were not sick! Everyone that came was so excited and extremely pleased by the dinner!!!!! It was a HUGE BLESSING to them, so please tell your troop that despite the small crowd, they touched several lives. Thanks for all you do! What a blessing your group is to our residents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!"